Healthy Families. Healthy Living.

Healthy living component to facillitate better choices in caring for the mental health, physical health, and wellness of the individual and family unit.

Prevention Services

Equipping corporations, groups, families, individuals, in coping, identifying, and addressing areas in substance abuse, mental health awareness, and stigma reduction.

Corporate Optimization

Measuring the efficiency, productivity and performance of a business and finding ways to improve those measures.

Northwest Indiana Health Disparities Council

Connecting the network of resources regarding the physical, mental, and spirtual component to navigating healthy choices.

Work Driven Strategies

We’ll find you the right workers for your business needs

Strong engagement in the communities your business services, where your workers live and play. We know the people, communities, and the businesses. Let WDS help your business in making the net work.

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Healthy families. Healthy Living.